Commitment to Quality

Since 2019 - on our website, within our community, and maybe shouted off a few rooftops - we've consistently shared our mission for Reward XP...

Provide excellent rates and great support with no gimmicks!

We created this page to reiterate our commitment to this mission and add continued transparency about what you can expect from Reward XP. If you've skipped over our Terms of Service, Official Policies, or Discord announcements...please read this.

We aim to provide our members a great earning experience. We also expect our members to be honest and fair. To understand what this means please click one of the tabs below.


Read our how-it-works page if you're not familiar with rewards / GPT (get-paid-to) websites. We're not a get-rich-quick scheme but you'll earn best with Reward XP compared to most sites.

Please note all tasks over 40,000 XP ($4.00 USD) are held for 30 days. Additionally, we may need to verify your identity. Fully understand this before creating an account.


Welcome to Reward XP! Look around our knowledgebase and feel free to ask us questions on Discord. We have a lot of resources available to help get you started!

Game offers should only be completed once and surveys should always be answered thoughtfully, truthfully, and consistently.

When it comes to your connection we're fair but stern. Don't mispresent your location by using a VPN, proxy, or other method. This hurts everyone - our members and our partners - and isn't tolerated.


We're fortunate to have many members stick with us month after month year after year. If you'd like, stop by Discord and share your earning tips and tricks with our community.

Remember - earning is a marathon, not a sprint. Do your best not to take shortcuts.  Even the best members get the occasional reversal or chargeback but we may have to limit or ban your account if you receive too many.

Thanks for earning with Reward XP!

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