Crypto Voucher

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Crypto Voucher allows Reward XP members to purchase cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, for an amount equivalent to the face value of the voucher, less network fees, which are typically between 10–15%. The voucher serves as a convenient way for our members to acquire cryptocurrencies without the need for a bank account or a cryptocurrency exchange account.


How to Redeem Your Crypto voucher:

      1. Your reward will be emailed to your Reward XP address. Click the VIEW GIFTS button. CryptoVoucher02.png
      2. Copy the PIN and go to CryptoVoucher03.png
      3. Choose your crypto option, paste your PIN from the previous screen, and click Create order.CryptoVoucher05.png
      4. (Optional) Click the Choose your crypto drop-down menu to see other options besides Bitcoin and Ethereum.CryptoVoucher06.png
      5. Sign in with your Google account or SMS. CryptoVoucher09.png
      6. Enter your crypto wallet address and click Pay. CryptoVoucher10.png
      7. Upon successfully placing your order, you will be presented with an order confirmation screen. Additionally, you can access your order history through your account. Typically, your Bitcoin will be transferred to your specified wallet within approximately one hour.CryptoVoucher11.png
      8. You'll also receive an email verification if you chose that login method. CryptoVoucher12.png
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