Does Reward XP Have a Leaderboard?

It may be controversial, but we don't think leaderboards are good for our members. Leaderboards can sometimes contribute to the phenomenon known as the "rich get richer" which doesn't align with our mission for reasons such as:

  1. Inequality Amplification: When leaderboards reward the top performers they can exacerbate existing inequalities. Those who are already rich or successful are more likely to maintain or increase their advantages, while others find it challenging to catch up.
  2. Feedback Loop: Leaderboards often provide feedback to participants, showing them how they compare to others. Those who see themselves ranked lower may become demotivated, while those at the top may become more motivated to maintain their position, creating a self-reinforcing feedback loop.

Instead of having leaderboards, Reward XP chooses to keep high rates for all our members across the globe.

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