Best Practices for Earning XP

We love when our members:

  • Follow all offer instructions (e.g. sign up for a game within 15 minutes after clicking the link)
  • Always provide honest answers to surveys
  • Read all questions carefully before answering
  • Refer your friends for extra XP earning opportunities
  • Search our knowledgebase for answers
  • Come on Discord to ask us questions

Our partners and staff cry when our members:

  • Use a VPN or proxy
  • Create multiple Reward XP accounts
  • Complete surveys or offers with fraudulent or inaccurate information
  • Cancel trial services early (your XP will be revoked)
  • Speed through surveys (you may be disqualified)
  • Share details about surveys with friends nor on public forums, including details about survey contents, survey titles, survey IDs, time of completion, screenshots, etc.
  • Manipulate any cookie or browser settings for the purpose of defrauding or circumventing controls established by Reward XP or any of its advertisers or sponsors
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