Adscend Media


  • Adscend offers featured offers, free and paid offers, surveys, shopping, free trials, and mobile games and apps.
  • If you haven’t received credits after 24 hours, contact support via the Support button in the upper right hand corner of the Adscend page.
  • Unless otherwise noted in the description of an offer, an offer can only be completed once. Offer inventory on this site is constantly changing, however. So, if you currently can’t find a particular offer, make sure to check back to this site often.
  • Unlimited individual offers may be completed per day.

How to Get Help:

  • Support window contains four tabs: Offer History, FAQ, My Profile, Notifications
    • Offer History - lists all offers in process or completed
    • FAQ - answers frequently asked questions about using Adscend
    • My Profile - your information, used to help direct you to surveys and offers.
    • Notifications - Adscend new - sign up with your email address for updates
  • For assistance, go to the Offer History tab and click Missing Points next to the offer in question.
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