• Offers include mobile games and apps, surveys, and click-throughs to deal sites.
  • Make sure cookies are enabled and any ad-blockers are disabled.
  • If you have already completed the same offer from another source, you will not get credited.
  • If you have previously installed an app in the past, you will not get credit for installation on engagement on that app.  Must be a new account.
  • Accurate information MUST be provided when completing offers.
  • Each offer can only be completed once per household.
  • All offers must be completed within 30 days of initiation unless otherwise specified.
  • No scripts, bots, or macros allowed.
  • No proxy servers or emulated permitted.

How to Get Help:

  • For assistance, click on MyXP in the top right of the OfferToro site, then click Missing Credits next to the offer that hasn't credited. If you don't see that, e-mail
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