Chargebacks / Reversals

After completing a task and receiving XP, one of our offerwall or survey router partners may inform us the task wasn't completed to their standards and deny us payment for the task - this is called a chargeback or a reversal.

Reasons for chargebacks include but aren't limited to:

  • Use of VPN, proxy, or VPS
  • Attempting to do an offer multiple times with the same account
  • Use of multiple accounts to complete offers/surveys multiple times
  • Use of scripts, bots, macros
  • Proxy server or emulator usage detected
  • Providing false information
  • Early cancellation of trial service
  • Speeding through surveys (may also disqualify you early)

Additional reasons for survey reversals include but aren't limited to:

  • Inconsistent/contradictory answers
  • Poor open-ended answers
  • Speeding (completing a survey too quickly)

If you complete enough surveys you're bound to get a survey chargeback even if you're a good survey taker. This is normal and at the discretion of the entity that created the survey.

If you believe lack of credit or removal of credit is in error, please contact our partner the XP originates from. If you are unable to remedy the situation with the offerwall or survey router, contact Reward XP support.

If your account receives numerous chargebacks, or the reasons for the chargeback(s) indicates fraudulent activity, your account details may be blocked by our partners and/or your Reward XP account may be disabled.

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