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  • Redeeming Hideout.tv points to RewardXP
    • A minimum of 9 points is required to redeem
    • There is a maximum number of redemptions per account per day, so we suggest saving up points before redeeming.
    • Go to the Profile dropdown in the upper right corner of the Hideout.tv site, select Loyalty Program Rewards
    • Click the Rewards button below the video you are viewing (with the Like, Share, and Reactions buttons) and click Redeem on the pop-up.  This will bring you to the Loyalty Program Rewards page.
    • On the Loyalty Program Rewards page, click Start Redeem Process button.  In the subsequent pop-up select Reward XP from the Linked Account dropdown.  It should show you how many points you are redeeming and how much XP that translates to on the RewardXP site.  Click Redeem Balance to confirm.
  • For assistance with Hideout.tv, follow the link https://hideoutcares.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
    • Click Submit a Request in the upper right hand corner of the Contact Hideout.tv page, provide as much information on your account and issue as possible.
    • You can also use the Profile dropdown in the top right of the Hideout.tv page and click on Open a Support Ticket near the bottom of the list.
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