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RXP Surveys was founded in 2020 and provides a variety of tasks for our members to complete. It's based on the samplicio.us survey router.


How To Contact RXP Surveys Support

  1. Create a ticket: https://support.rewardxp.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  2. Enter your email address associated with your Reward XP account.
  3. Enter your email address associated with your Reward XP account.
  4. Choose RXP Surveys under Survey Router / Offerwall drop-down.
  5. ill in all relevant information, survey length & amount settings, provide screenshots/attachments, and survey URLs as needed. You can find your survey URL from your browser history.



  • RXP Surveys is our survey gateway that maximizes your earning potential
  • Available only to members Silver level and above
  • Our goal is to have our members get paid more per hour than most other survey routers


  • Choose your preference of:
    • Survey Length (5-30 minutes) & Minimum Survey Rate (4,000-40,000 XP)
  • Or select our community favorite combinations
  • Earn bonus XP for each survey completed!

Getting Started:

  • Visit rxp surveys from the Earn page
  • Select a survey one of two ways:
    • Select a community favorite combination
      • These combinations may change based on community feedback / metrics
    • Customize your survey settings
      • After pressing Find Survey another tab will open into the survey ecosystem
  • Note: Only one survey can be done at a time. When you're in the middle of a survey you'll get the following screen:
    • mceclip5.png
  • When ending a survey you'll get one of two screens depending on success or failure
    • Success
      • mceclip4.png
    • Failure
      • mceclip3.png


Understanding the Survey Ecosystem:

  • Completing surveys can be a consistent method of earning XP but there's a lot of variety in experiences. Multiple survey routers and actual surveys can ask their own questions and even disqualify (DQ) at the end.
  • Common stages of a survey router
    • Prequalification
      • Questions from our partner, samplicio.us
    • Screener
      • From the survey buyer/provider (company, advertiser, researcher, etc)
      • Might ask the same questions to detect bots and provide survey integrity
      • Might ask questions not asked during Prequalification
    • Survey
      • The fun part!
    • End
      • Ending a survey should put you back to Reward XP, however some surveys are misconfigured. If that happens simply go back to rxp surveys.



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