RXP Surveys


  • RXP Surveys is our survey gateway that maximizes your earning potential
  • Available only to members Silver level and above
  • Our goal is to have our members get paid more per hour than most other survey routers
  • Personal or demographic information is *not* stored on our servers
  • Integrity of our partners and our website is extremely important to us. Attempts to rush through surveys or give false information hurts everyone. Suspicious activity will result in earned XP being held for up to 45 days or account suspension. 


  • Choose your preference of:
    • Survey Length (5-30 minutes) & Minimum Survey Rate (4,000-40,000 XP)
  • Or select our community favorite combinations
  • Earn bonus XP for each survey completed!

Getting Started:

  • Visit rxp surveys from the Earn page
  • Select a survey one of two ways:
    • Select a community favorite combination
      • These combinations may change based on community feedback / metrics
    • Customize your survey settings
      • After pressing Find Survey another tab will open into the survey ecosystem
  • Note: Only one survey can be done at a time. When you're in the middle of a survey you'll get the following screen:
    • mceclip5.png
  • When ending a survey you'll get one of two screens depending on success or failure
    • Success
      • mceclip4.png
    • Failure
      • mceclip3.png


Understanding the Survey Ecosystem:

  • Completing surveys can be a consistent method of earning XP but there's a lot of variety in experiences. Multiple survey routers and actual surveys can ask their own questions and even disqualify (DQ) at the end.
  • Common stages of a survey router
    • Prequalification
      • Questions from our partner, samplicio.us
    • Screener
      • From the survey buyer/provider (company, advertiser, researcher, etc)
      • Might ask the same questions to detect bots and provide survey integrity
      • Might ask questions not asked during Prequalification
    • Survey
      • The fun part!
    • End
      • Ending a survey should put you back to Reward XP, however some surveys are misconfigured. If that happens simply go back to rxp surveys.


How to Get Help:

  • Create a support ticket and provide the following information:
    • Screenshot (if possible)
    • Your Survey Length and Survey Rate settings
    • URL/Link
    • Date/Time
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